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Luxury Airbnb

How to build business & credit
Finding & Funding Property
All things Legal
Market Research Breakdown
Guest Experience
Breakdown of Profit & Taxes
Managing Properties

How to stay booked


Script Samples

Corporate Lease Template

Landlord Consent Template

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My Rich Bestfriend

We have all heard about generational wealth and to some degree we understand it. This book is designed to give you a deeper look and meaning into building generational wealth for your children.

Here are 10 methods and strategies you can do to ensure your children will be a millionaire by the time they reach age 40.

  • Create passive income

  • Diversify their investment portfolio

  • Build financial literacy 


Tax Lien Investing

What is a Tax Lien Certificate
Tax Liens VS Tax Deeds
Tax auctions 101
All things Legal
Understanding Profit Potential
Property Ownership

Asset Protection

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The 1% Recipe

You've decided you are ready to be truly wealthy. To live a life that you do not need to take vacation from. So HOW do you get there? What secrets do the 1% know that you do not. What does it take to truly live a life that only few ever get to experience.

Well, here is your recipe to the 1% lifestyle. Here is the breakdown of what you need to do and what you need to KNOW. Giving you all secrets that only the super rich knows.


Be The Bank

Top 3 Ways to be the bank in real estate

How to: step by step breakdown

Resources and links on how to get started 

How to flip income

How to acquire property 

Build a 6-figure passive income stream

How to setup business entity and scale


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