TD&F Investment Financing
We are currently only offering funding for 2+ multi-units.
Please read all information before applying for financing.
What is a Private Money Loan?
         A private money loan is a specific type of asset-based loan financing through which a borrower receives funds secured by real property. Private money loans are typically issued by private investors or companies. 
How do our loans work?

Assessment-we will evaluate the assets and investment opportunity and, if we deem the individual or business eligible, set a lending value based on the total value (always less) of the assets owned or to-be-purchased.

Fees & Interest-Upon settling on a price, we will then apply fees and set an interest rate. 

  • Deposit (not to exceed 20%)

  • 1-2% Origination Fee

  • 9.75-13% annual interest

Timeframe-usually must be paid within 6-12 months. These loans are processed quickly and their greatest advantage is their processing speed. May be extended by 6 months.

Processing Time-can take anywhere from three days to 1  month to process. We strive to come to complete processing within two weeks upon receipt of all necessary documents/information and payment of pre-required fee(s).

Security: 1st Lien Position

Amortization: Interest Only

What we offer:

Get a personalized Account Rep to guide you every step of the way.


  • Non-Owner Occupied 2-4 Family Real Estate; Condos; Townhomes: 5+ Unit Apartments; Mixed-Use Properties


  • Up to 80% of the Purchase Price + 100% of the Renovation Cost; Not to Exceed 70% of the ARV


  • 6-12 Months (6-Month Extension Available)

Minimum As-Is Property Value:

  • $25k per Unit for 2-4 Family

  • $35k per Unit for Multi-Family (5+)/Mixed-Use

Loan Amount:

  • $50k – $10M for 2-4 Family, Condos, & Townhomes

  • $250k – $30M for Multi-Family (5+)/Mixed-Use

Minimum FICO Score:

  • 650


  • As Low As 9.75% (compounded monthly)

Pre-Payment Penalty:

  • None

Our Process:

Step 1: Submit an application ​online or email us at; you may also call us at (855)-640-0354​

Step 2: We will review the application and, if necessary, request any additional information.

Step 3: If the application fits our preliminary requirements, we will contact you to proceed with running a title search on the property and review the appraisal report

Step 4: Based on the application and meeting, we provide a Term Sheet (outline how the loan will be structured). We deliver the Term Sheet within 24 hours from our walk-through.​

Step 5: If you approve the Term Sheet, we immediately begin drafting loan documents for the transaction and setting a closing date.​

Step 6: We close the transaction and wire the funds you need for purchase. Our entire process from application to closing takes as little as one week if all necessary paperwork is readily available.

Step 7: You make monthly interest payments until the end of the term, when the total principal is due. Other payment options may be available.