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Please read all information before applying for financing.
What is a Hard Money Loan?
         A hard money loan is a specific type of asset-based loan financing through which a borrower receives funds secured by real property. Hard money loans are typically issued by private investors or companies. 
How does a Hard Money Loan Work?

Assessment-we will evaluate the assets and investment opportunity and, if we deem the individual or business eligible, set a lending value based on the total value (always less) of the assets owned or to-be-purchased.

Fees & Interest-Upon settling on a price, we will then apply fees and set an interest rate. 

  • $250 application fee (non-refundable, must be paid with submission of completed application)

  • 3-5% processing fee, often required upfront before the loan is issued 

  • 8.75-15% annual interest

Timeframe-usually must be paid within 6-12 months. These loans are processed quickly and their greatest advantage is their processing speed.

Processing Time-can take anywhere from three days to a month to process. We strive to come to complete processing within one week upon receipt of all necessary documents/information and payment of pre-required fee(s).

What we offer:


  • Non-Owner Occupied 1-4 Family Real Estate; Condos; Townhomes: 5+ Unit Apartments; Mixed-Use Properties


  • Up to 90% of the Purchase Price + 100% of the Renovation Cost; Not to Exceed 75% of the ARV


  • 6-12 Months (6-Month Extension Available)

Minimum As-Is Property Value:

  • $50k for Single-Family

  • $25k per Unit for 2-4 Family

  • $35k per Unit for Multi-Family (5+)/Mixed-Use

Loan Amount:

  • $50k – $2M for 1-4 Family, Condos, & Townhomes

  • $250k – $3M for Multi-Family (5+)/Mixed-Use

Minimum FICO Score:

  • 620


  • As Low As 8.75% (charged on outstanding balance only)

Pre-Payment Penalty:

  • None

Our Process:

Step 1: Submit a hard money loan application ​online, email us, or call us at 214-997-4572​

Step 2: We review the application and, if necessary, request any supplemental information.​

Step 3: If loan application fits our preliminary requirements, we will contact you to set up a virtual or in-person walk-through of the property and have a meeting to discuss your request. ​

Step 4: Based on the application and meeting, we provide a Term Sheet (an outline of how the loan will be structured). We deliver the Term Sheet within 24 hours from our walk-through.​

Step 5: If you approve the Term Sheet, we immediately begin drafting loan documents for the transaction and setting a closing date.​

Step 6: We close the transaction and wire the funds you need for purchase. Our entire process from application to closing takes as little as one week if needed.

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