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Non-Bank Owned ATMS:

Non-bank owned ATMs have a different set of ATM operating rules and regulations to follow; and are a lot simpler.

  • These machines are only allowed to dispense cash; no deposits are accepted at these locations.

  • They must display, on the ATM, the logos of the types of cards that are accepted at their machine.

  • The owners of the ATM can charge customers a fee for their transaction; however it must clearly be posted at the machine as well as on-screen during the withdrawal transaction.

  • All non-bank owned machine owners are required to file an annual notice of ownership which is typically done through the ATM processor they signed up with.

  • Some States have their own set of non-bank regulations, check with your ATM Company to be sure they manage this process for you.

Quick Guide: 

- Obtain any and all licenses/ permits & insurance

-Acquire machine

-Find HIGH TRAFFIC locations (schools,malls, airports,hospitals)

-Set up a service agreement to place machine use form creator (below)

-Place machine and stock with goods & set pricing

-Perform any routine machine when checking machine

-Record expenses and revenue on trip sheet

Create personalized, state specific forms:

Obtain your business license: 

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