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TD&F Investment Holdings

TD&F Investment Holdings is a private family office that manages assets such as real estate, private equity and capital solutions. We take pride in delivering excellent management services to our clients to help grow their investments.


TD&F Investment Holdings is dedicated to providing customized investment solutions that meet the unique requirements of each client. We align our interests with those of our clients by investing alongside them in the same opportunities we recommend.

What We Do

At TD&F Investment Holdings, we provide a range of investment services to help our clients grow and manage their assets effectively. Our services include asset management, financial advisement, and customized investment solutions.

Our Asset Management Services
Real Estate Investment

We carefully analyze the real estate market and invest in various properties ranging from commercial to residential.

Private Equity Investment

We provide our clients with exclusive access to some of the top private equity investment opportunities in the market.

Capital Solutions

We invest in companies and provide them capital to grow their business.

Alternative Investment

We focus on alternative investment opportunities that are outside of the traditional options available in the market.

Industries We Invest In

Real Estate:

Experience the ultimate in luxury real estate investing with our portfolio of international commercial properties.


We invest in companies involved in healthcare technology and medical innovations.


We focus on high-growth technology companies that are making waves in the industry.


We partner with insurers to create capital solutions that give them access to diverse pools of capital, unique investment strategies, and expert industry knowledge.

Our Approach to Investing

Insight Driven Strategy

At TD&F Investment Holdings, we have a data-driven approach to investing. We analyze market trends and competitor industries to make informed decisions.

Hands-On Investment Management

Our investment team is composed of expert professionals who actively manage client assets, making informed and strategic decisions to ensure profitability and longevity.

Advanced Risk Management 

We understand that risk is an inherent part of investing. Our team devotes significant resources to managing risk, taking into account both market and individual risk factors.

Contact Us

Interested in learning more about how TD&F Investment Holdings can help you manage your assets? Get in touch with our team today.

Ph: 682-297-5011

Fax: 214-838-9281

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