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Commercial Construction Loans:


  • 12 months-5 years Months (6-Month Extension Available)e

Loan Amount:

  • Up to $100 Million

Minimum Paydex Score

  • Negotiable


  • As Low As 4.75% (compounded monthly)

Pre-Payment Penalty:

  • None

TD&F Investment Financing a division of TD&F Investment Group LLC


(682) 277-2053 1861 Brown Blvd. Ste. 217-705 Arlington, TX 76006

(Maximum 75% of Appraisal )

Instructions: Please complete this Construction Loan Application and provide the documentation outlined below. The "Lender" is TD&F Investment Financing, a division of TD&F Investment Group LLC. It's successors and/or assigns. "Please sign and initial where indicated."

Will you need to finance?
Existing Mortgage
Check all that applies
End-Loan Financing in Place?
For a commitment letter to be drawn up, the following items must be submitted for review by our attorney. Based on our attorney's review additional information or documentation may be required to issue a commitment letter.
After review it may be determined that a commitment letter cannot be issued:
  1. A copy of the meets and bounds description from the latest map on file with the county clerk.

  2. A current survey/proposed plot plan that matches the meets and bounds description provided in item 1 is required, and it must show the location of all structures, septic systems, wells, driveways, easements, rights of way, wetland delineations, and all front, side, and rear setbacks,

  3. A copy of the existing deed. The final deed must be in or transferred to Builders Business name to close. 

  4. A copy of your client's end loan commitment letter (if applicable) signed by all parties that do not expire before the loan maturity date.

  5.  Required for 1st loan or if you have changed your business type. A copy of your DVA or Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership Agreement (whichever applies). Please note: If your business is a corporation or LLC, you will need to supply us with a Resolution authorizing the loan at the closing.

  6. All parties sign a copy of your contract with the homeowner. The contract completion date must be sufficient to complete the project.

  7. Approved draw schedule or acceptance of direct payment method. If a draw schedule is used. Your TD&F Investment Group representative will prepare this based on your application and send it to you for review.

If a commitment letter is issued the following documents will be needed o schedule a closing. Additional, documentation or conditions to meet may be required as determined by our review. All requirements listed in any commitment letter issued must be met for a closing to take place.
  1. Proof of General Liability Insurance naming, TD&F Investment Group LLC, TD&F Investment Financing division listed as Additional Insured. Insurance cannot expire during loan.

  2. Proof of Builder Risk Insurance covering entire loan amount, naming TD&F Investment Group LLC, TD&F Investment Financing as Mortgagee and Loss Payee. Insurance cannot expire during loan.

  3. Title Insurance is required insuring our first mortgage on the property. Title insurance policies should list the mortgage as TD&F Investment Group LLC, TD&F Investment Financing, its successors and/or assigns”

  4. Proof that all school and property taxes are current

  5. Two sets of the building plan stamped by an engineer

  6. Appraisal (Lender’s Choice if required)

  7. A copy of the building permit, including septic and well permits (if applicable). The permits must show the address of the property the permits were issued for and the expiration date.

Assignment:  This Construction Loan Application is about you and may not be assigned by Applicant. Lender may assign the application without your consent to its affiliate or any third party.

Insurance Requirements: Applicant may provide lender proof of all risk Builders Risk Insurance equal to 100% of replacement cost on the property. Applicant shall maintain General Liability insurance in the amount of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence and a general aggregate of Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00).

Certification: The undersigned certifies that all information provided in the “Application” (including all riders and attachments, previously signed credit applications, and anything provided in support of the Application) is true and correct as of the date the Application is signed and acknowledge the Lender will rely on the accuracy of this information in determining whether to extend credit and that Applicant will be liable for any monetary damage sustained by Lender or any other party as a result of any misrepresentations or inaccuracy.

Business Purpose: This loan is to be made for business purposes only. You agree that it is not your intention to occupy the property as your personal residence

Loan Documents: You agree to execute the documents that our counsel or we may reasonably require in connection with making this loan. These typically include a promissory note, building loan agreement, mortgage, security agreement, financing statements and guaranty (if applicable).

Failure to Close: In the extent that this loan does not close; you agree to be responsible for (1) a $250.00 application fee that will be billed to your TD&F Investment Group LLC account and (2) all costs, and attorney fees incurred by TD&F Investment Financing form the time your application is submitted



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