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The Wealthy 100 Academy is a full, intensive course designed to teach, empower, and equip you with the resources, knowledge, and skills to build wealthy financial habits that will lead you to live a more fulfilled and abundant life.


Course Modules Include:

Financial Literacy:

• What is Financial Literacy

• Why is financial Literacy Important

• Building a Wealthy Mindset


One With Your Finances:

• All thins Income

• The Truth About Savings

• Be Real About Debt

• Prepare for Retirement


Multiple Streams of Income:

• Why You Need to Invest

• Diversifying Your Portfolio


Family Legacy:

• Generational Wealth

• Asset Protection

• Estate Planning


Be The Business:

• Business Structure

• Operating as a corporate structure


The course also includes:

• Free Downloadable Templates & Forms

• Free E-Books

• Links and other resources

• Interactive learning and leisure activities

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