About Us

    TD&F Investment Group LLC begin in 2015 from our Founder /CEO Taneisha Fletcher. After receiving a settlement from a car accident, she went on to purchase her first three properties. flipped one property and rented two. Taneisha then went on to reinvest all proceeds from her properties in stocks, tax liens and mortgage notes. Over the next 5 years she continued to buy properties and built a $10.3 million dollar portfolio. At the end of 2019, Taneisha launched TD&F Investment Financing, a private money lending company meant to assist investors in acquiring funding for their real estate projects.

      By the beginning of 2021, TD&F Investment Group had a portfolio value of $30 million consisting of nine multi-units and fifty-six doors. Taneisha has now gone on to educate hundreds on not just getting started in real estate but scaling their way to 7 and 8 figure portfolios. Taneisha plans to venture more into new construction and buying more international property.