About Us

  TD&F Investment Group LLC begin in 2015 from our Founder /CEO Taneisha Fletcher. After receiving a settlement from a car accident, she went on to purchase her first three properties. flipped one property and rented two. Taneisha then went on to reinvest all proceeds from her properties in stocks, tax liens and mortgage notes. Over the next 5 years she continued to buy properties and built a $2.3 million dollar portfolio. In 2019, she launched 7 Figure Investors Club, which is an educational platform consisting of web-based courses and yearly membership teaching others about investing in real estate, business, stocks and how to create a 7-figure portfolio while also building generational wealth and creating a six-figure flow of passive income. 

       In 2020, TD&F Investment Group begin to transition from single family investments to multi-family investments which has allowed Taneisha to grow a portfolio to over $10 million. Taneisha has also since then launched TD&F Investment Financing, which offers hard money funding solutions to investors in need of funding for flip projects up to $3 million in value. Taneisha is also in the process of starting TD&F Logistics, a goods transport operational which will begin service in 2021.