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General Contact:

      How do I contact TD&F Investment Group?

You may contact us by submitting an inquiry here or emailing us at You may also call us Monday-Friday 10 am-5 pm CST  CST at 682-297-5011.

Corporate Leasing:

     How do I apply for a Corporate Lease?

You may apply for a corporate lease by filling out the application on the Vacation Rentals Page or by contacting us at Be sure to include Corporate Lease as your subject.

Courses & Programs:

Our courses and programs are structured for students to move at their own pace. The program offers 6-months to 1-year of access. Modules are auto-released on a pre-set schedule depending on the student's start date.

     -What if my access to the course or program expires before I have a chance to complete it?

If access to either a course or 7 Figure Investors club expires before the student has finished, no refund will be issued. The student must repurchase the plan in total to complete it. 

    -Am I able to download material from the course/program?

There are some resources available for download. However, due to privacy, some resources may not be downloaded for offline use.

     -What is your refund policy?

By purchasing a course/ club membership, you agree to the terms and conditions listed: 

All orders may cancel within 24 hours of receiving payment and only if the course or program has NOT yet started. If access to the system has begun, we will not issue a refund. If it is more than 24 hours since payment, we will not issue a refund. If the student is unsatisfied with the course, we will not issue a refund. If the student does not complete the course before expiration, we will not issue a refund. 

Exemptions: If a plan has been paid for and the student cannot access it within 48 hours due ONLY to system error, we will issue a full refund, and the student will have to purchase a new plan. 

     What if I am not satisfied with TD&F Investment Group?

If any client/tenant is not satisfied with the service they have received, they may reach out to our Client Services Department at for more information.

Consultations & Mentorships:

  • If Appointment is Cancelled: (seventy-three) hours or more before booking (more than 3 days): FULL REFUND

  • If Appointment is Cancelled: under (seventy-two) 72 hours of/ on the day of the appointment: There will be no refund given

  •  If the client has been deemed a no-show there will be NO REFUND given and you will have to re-book the service.

The client is deemed a No-Show when:

  • There is no answer after initial contact.

  • There is no return call within the grace period

Grace Period: 10 Minutes

The 10-minute grace period is given after contact is initiated, if contact cannot be made before the 10-minute grace period lapses client is considered a NO-SHOW. An email and text message (if applicable) will be sent, and the customer must reschedule.


If you wish to reschedule you may use the booking page or reach us at 682-297-5011 or by email at


     What if my access to the course expires before I have a chance to complete it?

If access to either course or Investors club expires before the student has finished, no refund will be issued. The student must repurchase the plan in total to complete it. 


     Does Taneisha offer 1-on-1 training?

1-on-1 mentorship services are offered on a limited basis. You may book a wealth strategy call here or call 682-297-5011

      How do I handle system issues/ course malfunctioning?

You may contact us at If for any reason, a course is delayed, crashes, or is not accessible due to issues not at the fault of the student, a full refund will be issued, and students must repurchase the plan.

     What are the qualifications for investment financing?

Financing is dependent upon individual customer needs. Please reach out to our Financial Services Department at for further information. You can find more information here at Financial Resources.


     How do I tour a property that is for lease?

You may request a tour of a available property on the listings page here. Or you may contact our leasing services at


     How do I qualify for a lease?

You must complete a credit application, provide all required documents, and pay any/all applicable fees to qualify for a lease. Approval is dependent upon individual information provided. Lease Criteria.

     How long before I know if my loan has been approved?

     The status of the loan is usually made known within 48 hours but will not exceed 72 hours. Incomplete loan documentation or failure to provide all necessary documents will prolong processing/ cause for application to deny automatically. You may contact us at with any questions/concerns.


     How can I work with TD&F Investment Group?

Any open positions will be available for application through our Careers page. If you have specific questions about a job you have already applied for, you may reach us at

     How do I find out more about Development?

You may find out more information about our development services here.



Questions? Contact us today, our team is always ready to help.

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