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Insurance Solutions

We help insurers meet their objectives by providing access to diverse pools of capital, differentiated investment management solutions, and industry expertise.

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Partnering Across Cycles

Our team is committed to the insurance industry for the long term, through times of stability and uncertainty, and through all economic, underwriting, and market cycles.

Delivering across the TD&F Investment Platform

We offer flexible capital solutions to insurance company partners and aim to deliver TD&F’s investment ability and insurance-optimized products to our clients based on each insurer’s unique goals, outlook, and risk profile.

Structuring Insurance Investment Solutions

Our proprietary investment offerings are designed to enable insurers to meet their obligations to policyholders, invest in product innovation, and offer competitive retirement security and property protection products.


Our Direct Approach

Driven Capital Solutions

We have access to diverse pools of capital through which we can partner with insurance companies, including through direct investments in their business.

Asset Allocation

We use our expertise in tailored portfolio construction, strategic asset allocation and management, and structure to drive increased returns and better capital efficiency.

Valued Strategy

We build models and tools that enable our team to manage capital, quantify risk, and allocate assets efficiently.

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