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Wealthy 100 Academy: Financial Literacy

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Financial literacy refers to the expertise and knowledge enabling individuals to make well-informed financial choices. The Wealthy 100 Academy offers a comprehensive course designed to educate and empower, fostering the skills and insights necessary for building prosperous financial habits, leading to a more fulfilled life. The Course Modules Encompass: Financial Literacy: • Grasping the concept's essence • Understanding its significance and influence • Cultivating a wealth-oriented mindset One With Your Finances: • Detailed exploration of income-related facets • Truth about savings • Realistic approach to debt Multiple Streams of Income: • Investment necessity • Portfolio diversification Family Legacy: • Creating generational wealth • Safeguarding assets • Estate planning • Retirement structuring Be The Business: • Business structure consideration • Types of structures and taxation implications Additionally, the course provides: Free downloadable templates, eBooks, and resource links Interactive learning opportunities The course offers a self-paced approach with lifetime access. Comprising 5 intensive modules over 10 weeks, each step within a module must be completed to earn a star and certificate

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