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TD&F Development Group

Partner with us to invest in your own short-term rental franchise. 

How does our franchising work:

We build out the land and provide a multi-family unit, usually 2-7 units.

You have complete control over all units and the direction of your short-term rental business.

You pay us a yearly franchise fee (may be paid monthly) plus other applicable fees. 

What is the process?

1. You submit an application along with all required documentation for one of our available locations.

2. An agent will review and communicate through email if you have been approved or denied.

3. If approved, an agent will set up a phone call to discuss the onboarding process and provide all necessary paperwork and fee breakdowns. The agent will coordinate with you during the phone call to set up an in-person tour of your desired location.

4. You will be directed to your franchise dashboard and begin your onboarding process once all required fees are paid, and all documentation has been received.

5. You will furnish and begin marketing your short-term rentals.


Startup fees begin at $50,000 but vary depending on location and number of units.

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