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Breakfast Cupcake

7 Figure Investors Club

Membership is designed to teach you how to invest in real estate. You will learn the different ways you can invest, how to scale & grow your portfolio, diversify your portfolio, and use your assets as leverage to create passive income and build generational wealth.

You will also have access to:


Personal Development: credit resources, dispute letters, tips, and tricks. Resources on building your savings and budgeting. 

Business Fundamentals: Business startup checklist and resources, how to build business credit, how to market, scale, outsource and lower tax liabilities.

Wealthy 100 Academy Course

The Wealthy 100 Academy is a full, intensive course designed to teach, empower and equip you with the resources, knowledge, and skills to build wealthy financial habits that will lead you to live a more fulfilled and abundant life.

Course Modules Include:

Financial Literacy:
This module covers what is financial literacy, changing your mindset, and the need to build better financial habits,

One With Your Finances:
This module covers earned income, savings, debt, credit, and retirement.

Multiple Streams of Income:
This module covers the importance and how to invest and diversifying your portfolio.

Family Legacy:
This module covers building generational wealth, asset protection, and estate planning.

Be The Business:
This module will cover the importance of business structure, business acquisition, and operating as a corporate structure.

Other Resources

Enjoy one of our financial literacy ebooks. 

Asset Protection: learn to protect, grow and leverage  your assets both business and personal

Infinite Banking: How to use life insurance to invest in real estate

Ebook Bundle: Includes all ebooks with 2 free ebooks. 

The 1% Recipe: what is that the wealthiest 1% of the population knows that the middle to lower class does not

Be The Bank: how to flip your income and create passive income by being a bank.

My Rich Bestfriend: things you can do now to create your child into a millionaire

Smart Homeownership: tips and tricks to prefer for homeownership

Additional Services: Inventory
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