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Wealth Strategy Call


  • 197 US dollars

Service Description

A personalized one-hour consultation designed to delve into your current and future investment objectives in great detail. During this dedicated time, our experienced team will address your questions, provide valuable resources, and assist you in crafting a strategic plan that sets the course for achieving your desired outcomes. The Wealth Strategy Call encompasses the following key elements: In-depth Phone Consultation: You will have an exclusive one-hour conversation with our knowledgeable advisors. This session will revolve around understanding your specific investment goals, risk tolerance, and financial aspirations. We will encourage open dialogue, enabling you to ask questions and seek expert guidance to make informed decisions. Detailed Action Plan Packet: Following the call, we will meticulously document the insights gained from our discussion. You will receive a comprehensive Action Plan Packet tailored to your unique circumstances. This packet will outline the key points covered during the consultation and provide clear guidance on the necessary steps you need to take to embark on building your real estate portfolio. The Wealth Strategy Call covers a wide range of topics that are crucial for your investment success: Business Analysis: We will explore strategies for scaling and growing your business passively, helping you identify opportunities for increased efficiency and profitability. Real Estate Investment Objectives: Our team will assist you in defining and refining your individual real estate investment goals. By aligning your aspirations with suitable investment avenues, we aim to optimize your portfolio's performance. Wealth Building Strategies: Together, we will explore various methods to structure and scale your investments, ultimately creating a foundation for generational wealth accumulation. Financial Freedom Roadmap: We are committed to supporting your journey toward financial freedom. During the call, we will work with you to develop a personalized plan that outlines the steps required to achieve financial independence. Upon completing the Wealth Strategy Call, we will follow up with an email within 1-2 days. This email will summarize the key takeaways from our discussion, ensuring that you have a clear record of the insights and recommendations shared *Please note that there is a 72-hour booking policy. Please read entirely before booking.

Booking Policy

Booking Policy By proceeding with this booking, you acknowledge that you have carefully read and agreed to adhere to the following policy: Cancellation Policy: Cancellation made 73 (seventy-three) hours or more before the scheduled appointment (more than 3 days) will entitle you to a FULL REFUND. Cancellation made within (seventy-two) 72 hours of or on the day of the appointment will not be eligible for a refund. No-Show Policy: In the event of a no-show, NO REFUND will be provided, and the client will need to re-book the service. A client is considered a no-show under the following circumstances: Failure to respond after initial contact. Failure to return a call within the grace period. Grace Period: 10 Minutes A 10-minute grace period is granted after initial contact is initiated. If contact cannot be established before the lapse of the 10-minute grace period, the client will be deemed a NO-SHOW. An email and text message (if applicable) will be sent to notify the client, who must then reschedule the appointment. Should you wish to reschedule, you may do so through our booking page or by contacting us at +1 (682) 297-5011 or via email at Your adherence to these policies ensures the smooth operation of our services. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Contact Details

  • +1 (682) 297-5011

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