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Financial Literacy is the possession of the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources.

What You Will Learn

The Wealthy 100 Academy is a full, intensive course designed to teach, empower and equip you with the resources, knowledge, and skills to build wealthy financial habits that will lead you to live a more fulfilled and abundant life. My goal is to teach, inspire and equip you with the necessary building blocks to build a financially abundant lifestyle. This course is designed to open up your mind and help you put on a wealthy mindset. 

Core Values


An in-depth look at what financial literacy is. Build healthy financial habits that will propel you to be your most abundant self by changing your mindset about wealth.


Resources in the course can be used immediately to boost your financial well-being. Motivating you to be accountable and enabling you to think, act, and live a successful life.


In addition to teaching and enhancing, the course will challenge you in your financial learning journey through interactive activities you will have to take part in.


You have lifetime access to the course and can contact us to send in progress reports and updates on your financial journey. You will receive feedback on everything you submit.

Is the Course Right for You?

Ready to make a change and learn how to build wealth that will outlive you

Willingness to learn and open to changing your mindset in regards to building wealth

Ready to be accountable for your actions and changing 

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